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  Freda interrupts audio on Bluetooth
Posted by: jwhitener - 10-25-2020, 02:45 PM - Forum: Support - Replies (2)

Love Freda!  Use it on my laptop for a lot of reading.  For the price, it's a gift to the world.  Thank you!

I've hit a weird and consistent problem on Windows 10.  If I am playing audio in another app on the same Windows laptop (tested with Spotify app and a YouTube video through a browser) and I'm listening to the audio through a Bluetooth speaker, then every time I open a Freda book, the audio - say, music - goes silent and cannot be heard.  If I switch away from Freda, music is heard again.  

Unfortunately, this kills my ability to read in Freda while streaming music (or any other audio) to a room speaker.  This has forced me to use alternative ebook readers (none of which are as good!) for this scenario.

More clues:

  • Freda does not silence the music if I'm using the laptop's speakers - only when using an external Bluetooth speaker connected to the laptop.
  • Silencing does not occur when I'm looking at Freda bookshelf, only when viewing inside a book in Freda.
  • Silencing only happens when Freda is the active app.  If Freda is open in the background, music can be heard.  But as soon as I "Alt-Tab" (or otherwise switch) to Freda, music silences.  If I switch to any other app (or Windows desktop), music comes through fine.  Even if Freda is active in book-reading mode (i.e. music is silenced) and I just Alt-Tab to show the other open Windows apps, the music resumes while the Alt-Tab overlay is active.
  • Freda's text-to-speech function (which I don't use, but tested for this) works through the Bluetooth speaker.  The speech is heard fine, even as other audio playing in another app is silenced.  This leads me to wonder if, on Bluetooth, somehow Freda is too aggressive or exclusive in taking control of the audio stream?  It silences the other apps even when no speech is being played in Freda.  (My ideal would be: Freda never interrupts audio stream unless text-to-speech is active, and when text-to-speech is active, other audio sources are only turned down and mixed in, not silenced.  This way I could listen to text-to-speech with music in the background.) 
  • Doesn't matter if using Freda free version or Freda Plus.
  • Doesn't matter if Freda is full-screen or windowed.
  • If I open same book in Calibre, audio issue does not occur (i.e. I can hear music while reading in Calibre -- didn't test text-to-speech in Calibre).
  • I couldn't find any controls in Freda to prevent / exclude / turn off text-to-speech feature, which I'm guessing is involved.
All the above is consistently true, but check out this one specific instance I ran into:
  1. Play Spotify on laptop speakers.
  2. Load Freda and read book (no problem so far).
  3. Leave Freda (can't remember if I closed it or just went to a different app).
  4. Turn on Bluetooth in Windows and redirect Spotify music to Bluetooth speaker.
  5. Come back to Freda in book-reading mode -- Audio continues to play!  (very unusual)
  6. Alt-Tab away from Freda, music continues to play (as normal)
  7. Alt-Tab back to Freda -- as usual, music is silenced.

Thanks for any attention you're able to give to this.  Platform details below.

Jon Whitener

Seeing this issue on this system:

Acer Aspire 5 laptop
Model A515-54-597W 
Intel Core i5-8265U CPU, 8 GB RAM

Windows 10 Home 64-bit
Version 1909
OS Build 18363.1139

Other specs on MicroCenter listing:

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  Allow each book to use its own preset
Posted by: newguy - 10-01-2020, 11:53 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (6)

It would be wonderful to have this feature - I found myself constantly switching between a few presets for different books (especially for books of different languages, where different fonts / spacing / margins / etc. are desired).

Some ebook readers I used in the past had this feature (I imagine it's maybe not too difficult to implement?) They also offer some sort of default preset to bootstrap a book when it's imported (in freda's case, I guess it would just be the global settings).

P.S. This is my first post here, big thanks to the devs who have done excellent job on the app (I use the Windows app, I notice that there's Android now as well, which is good to know!).

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  System does not support 'windows-1251' encoding on Android (FB2)
Posted by: twoflower - 09-10-2020, 08:52 PM - Forum: Support - Replies (1)

Getting "System does not support 'windows-1251' encoding" on Android (FB2).

On Windows, the same file opens just fine.

Is there any way to enable support for this encoding?

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  Change Log v4.36
Posted by: jim_chapman - 09-03-2020, 10:42 AM - Forum: Discussion - No Replies

Freda update 4.36, 3rd September 2020: Change Log

  • Render PDF files, displaying the pages as PNG images, using the built-in Windows and Android PDF components.
  • Better fallback logic for cases where the advanced parser barfs; first try simplified layout, then try flattened – which should basically just emit the text without formatting or aligning it in any way at all
  • Fix 'float' and 'clear' logic to align better with CSS standards (e.g. force a move below the float(s) in response to an applicable 'clear').  Generally trying to do the best job I can, without (yet) implementing the Block Formatting Context in all its gory horror.
  • Better handling of block elements embedded inside inline elements.
  • Better treatment of start-of-paragraph in justified text.
  • (Android) Ask for permission when it's required for storage card access / save log file / backup (save/restore/merge)
  • BUG FIX: When the Mobi-parser (or any other thing) creates an epub having elements with HTML that sets width and height attributes, ignore these, unless they are on images.  Such attributes should only be set by CSS not by HTML.
  • (Windows) BUG FIX: Fix an issue with multi-line text boxes – where keyboard characters like []{}\|’@#~ were getting ignored. 
  • BUG FIX: Fix odd behaviour (and some stack overflow crashes) with getting/selecting paragraphs, sentences and sections, including when this is done by the 'read aloud' function.
  • BUG FIX: ‘Read Aloud’ function now starts at the beginning of the selected text (a regression bug meant that it was starting from the start of the paragraph instead)
  • (Windows) BUG FIX: Fixed an issue where the BookReaderPage menu ribbons would get into in a funny state, where they can’t be popped out (because they immediately close again). 

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  Problems with translation
Posted by: ganinop - 08-31-2020, 11:51 AM - Forum: Support - Replies (1)

Hi, i've been using the app for a while but yesterday the translation tool stopp working.

Whatever the word input is the translation I get as an output is '???'

I've tried with different languages, different books, words that i had previously translated but nothing seems to get it back to normal.

Even tried reinstalling the app. Any hint on how to solve this?

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  Make Bottom Chapter Graph Pinnable
Posted by: jwhitten - 08-21-2020, 06:07 PM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

Hi Jim,

Would it be a difficult thing to make the bottom "Chapter Graph" pinnable in a similar way to the color/theme change buttons?


John Whitten

Nevermind. I see that it already is and I just missed the pin way down in the corner.


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  S Pen support for "next page" action
Posted by: twoflower - 08-20-2020, 07:38 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (2)

It would be great if Freda can support S Pen on Galaxy Note to change the page ("next page").

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  Put in a Plug for FREDA on this YouTube 2020 Review
Posted by: jwhitten - 08-15-2020, 04:45 PM - Forum: Discussion - No Replies

I put in a nice plug for FREDA on this YouTube review

Best E-Readers in 2020


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  HOW TO: Troubleshoot Problems with Store (such as 'advertising is not removed')
Posted by: jim_chapman - 08-03-2020, 07:09 AM - Forum: Support - No Replies

When you tap on the 'remove advertising' button, you will be taken to the Microsoft Store to make a payment.  After that, Freda will stop displaying advertising.  It can happen that the advertising does not stop, or that it stops, but it comes back some time in the future.  That can happen particularly after re-installing Freda.  This is the result of something going wrong with the Microsoft Store - it forgets that you've paid for the 'Freda: no advertising' item, or else it fails to tell Freda that you have paid for it.

To get the Microsoft Store working right again, you can try the following things:

  • Check that you're logged on to your computer using the same Microsoft ID (email address) as you used when you made the payment.
  • Check that the PC's time and time-zone are set correctly
  • Run the Microsoft Store troubleshooter (just type 'troubleshoot store' into the type-to-search box in the start menu)
  • If none of these work, try the suggestions at https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/5-tips-fix...indows-10/

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  Change Log v4.35
Posted by: jim_chapman - 07-27-2020, 12:51 PM - Forum: Discussion - No Replies

Freda update 4.35, 27th July 2020: Change Log

  • Reworked the CSS code, to handle long chains of selectors better, and to deal with pseudos more correctly (:nth-child variants and :not, in particular).
  • Fixed a bug affecting the specificity of the lower border style of tables (and other things)
  • Text-to-speech no longer applies emphasis (the Android TTS engines ignore the SSML emphasis tag, and the Windows TTS engine pronounces emphasis in a way that no-one could like)
  • Improved the reliability of loading bookmarks/highlights created by earlier versions of Freda: when loading bookmarks / highlights, if the number of words in the chapter does not match the saved numbers, and if there is a CFI available, use that rather than trying to interpolate a new word position.
  • The ‘download’ action on a book that has a ‘folder’ source will no longer delete the book (because we won’t be able to get to the file again, because system permissions).  It will now just clear and refresh all the cache files.
  • The ‘copy to clipboard’ function now includes new-lines for paragraph breaks.
  • (Android) Fix an issue seen with Gutenberg, around https downloads, caused by the use of an untrusted certificate by Gutenberg.
  • (Android) Fix problem with Dropbox login (by switching to using the system browser and a custom URI scheme)
  • (Windows) Accessibility fix: When the selected text range is cleared, keep it hanging around in the background, so that if the user does something ‘resumey’ it will start with that selection, not the first word on the page.  ‘something resumey’ would mean hitting an arrow key for example.
  • (Windows) Accessibility fix: Images are selectable, and when selected they say their image description alt text (via the speak-selected-text setting, and/or Narrator, and/or read-aloud).
  • (Windows) Accessibility fix: Image viewer control shows the media description alt text content, if there is any.
  • (Windows) Accessibility fix: Dialog boxes announce their names when displayed.  The close button, when selected says ‘close popup <dialog name>”.
  • (Windows) Accessibility fix: Reader page control button says the name of the book, and “reader page controls”.
  • (Windows) Accessibility fix: Reader page control ribbons buttons and close/minimise/pin/unpin buttons now say something making it clear which ribbon and which function they represent.
  • (Windows) Accessibility fix: added an item to the ‘accessible’ menu, to do ‘go back to bookshelf’.

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