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No animation on next page / page+ / page -
Just to clarify why it's more complicated than meets the eye: one good feature of the existing setup is that it gives a good behaviour with 'key repeat'.  For instance, if you have the down-arrow key bound to 'next page', then when you keep the down-arrow key pressed, Freda will flick quickly through the pages, until you lift your finger off the key.  That seems like a good thing to do, but obviously if an animated page-change is enabled, then you won't get that behaviour - unless I add a special case check to the code, along the lines of "the change-page command should use an animated transition, unless the same command was also issued recently - e.g. within 500ms - in which case it should it do a jump transition".  That isn't too conceptually complicated, but there are various ways in which it could go wrong, because the page-transition code is complicated (with a rather intricate division of labour between the program's UI thread and the embedded graphics library).

Anyhow, I am looking into it.

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