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Problem connecting PC to OneDrive / Synching
(05-24-2020, 11:45 AM)Mike K Wrote: Hi

Liking what I'm seeing in Freda so far

I have installed Freda on a PC (Windows 8.1 from the MS Store) and an Android Phone (running version 8.1.0 from the Play Store)
I have linked the Android phone to OneDrive, but When I tried on the PC, I was interrupted in the process, and failed to etner my credentials.
Under Sources - OneDrive  I now have the message "Sorry, I couldn't download from OneDrive. ..."
I right click on the box this message is in, and on the bottom of the screen the options to "Edit", "Logon" and "Undo"
When I click on Logon, nothing happens? What am I missing?

I have opened the Folders Source, and my OneDrive is also available on my PC under under that so I can add the books I have on my phone from there, but they do not appear to be synching with the places I have read to on my phone. I presume that the updating of where I have read to only works through the OneDrive Source?

I have both reset the application, and removed and re-installed it. To no avail.  Sad

Please advise  Smile


Hi Mike, and sorry to hear about the problem you're having with the OneDrive functionality on Windows 8.1.  As a first step could you do this:
1) restart Freda (exit it, and launch it again)
2) tap on your OneDrive source, and then the logon button
3) (presumably at this point it will fail to connect)
4) use the back arrow to return to the main app screen
5) Follow the instructions here, to send me an app log file:

you can email me at



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