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Mark book as read
(11-30-2020, 12:31 PM)BCNorwich Wrote: Hi, I'm new to Freada, despite reading through a whole lot of useful info I can't find a way to mark a book as read. I found how to make a tag "Book Read" but this method seems inadequate. Can someone help please or confirm there's no facility to mark a book as read?
Many Thanks Bernard.

There is no feature to 'mark a book as read', as such.  As you noted, there is the possibility of setting up a tag to group 'books I have finished reading' but there is no more sophisticated solution yet.  I do intend to develop some extra features around custom views of the bookshelf, to include a way to 'pin' books, or mark them as 'read' or mark them as 'to read next', and to make those books appear (or not) at the top of the bookshelf list.  That will come in a few months (when I rebuild the user interface code, so it works on Apple/iPad/iPhone as well as Android and Windows)

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