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Improving the handling of annotations
I'll be having a think about the points you mention.  Making synchronisation more automated is certainly something I plan to do, but it does raise some awkward edge-cases (for instance, what the app should do if one device has been disconnected from the network for a while, and annotations have been changed on both devices).  None of this is impossible, but it does mean I need to think it through.  And I quite like the idea of including, in the HTML dump of the bookmark list, a 'freda link' that would, when clicked, open the right page of the right book in Freda.  That's not trivial though, because it means creating a special URI scheme, that Chrome or Edge will recognise (and having recognised it, will pass it on to Freda for action).  That's do-able, but making it work reliably could be tricky.

Anyhow, I am most grateful for the feedback, and I'll be working on it.

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