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Where are they stored and newb help
(02-10-2022, 06:47 PM)GodExpects Wrote: I received a great reply from Jim answering my question.

Thanks, Dan.  Just in case anyone else has the same question, here is what I wrote:

Whenever you open a book on Freda, it will store a copy of that book file in the folder C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Local\Packages\5957Turnipsoft.freda5_ypmq2qh89vmny\LocalState - i.e. normally on your C: drive.  It will only store a limited number of books there (though the limit is quite high - about a thousand books if I recall correctly).  Really that means that you should not rely on using Freda to keep your books for you.

You can, as far as Freda is concerned, open a book from any folder on your PC.  I personally tend to keep my books in the folder Documents\My Ebooks\ but that is my choice.  I have Windows configured so that it keeps a copy of my Documents folder on OneDrive.  That's handy with Freda because it means that on my PC I can get at my books files either by using the Windows file explorer (via the 'folder' source icon in Freda) or else by using the OneDrive source.

The benefit is that I can also see my books on my Android phone (because Freda on Android also knows how to access books on OneDrive).

It does mean that I need quite a lot of space on OneDrive.  But since I have an Office 365 subscription, I get 1TB of space on OneDrive as part of this; that is enough for all the books I could possibly require.

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