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Start over?
(02-15-2022, 06:59 PM)GodExpects Wrote: This NEWB has made a mess - I tried to use Calibre as my book organizer and also Freda - but I like Freda the best - I have used my OneDrive for storage and like it the best. But I want to use FREDA to control everything.
What I need to do is clear everything from Freda and start over - is there an easy way to do that?

Well, the simplest thing may be just to use the Microsoft Store to un-install the app, and then install it again.

Alternatively, from the main page of Freda, tap the button at top left to open the menu, choose 'support' and then 'clear user settings'.  That will delete everything from Freda, and put it back into the state it was, when first installed.  But this does take quite a long time - as I say, just deleting and re-installing the app may be easier.

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