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Can You Organize Books Into Named Folders?
(07-01-2022, 08:07 AM)jim_chapman Wrote:
(06-30-2022, 11:34 PM)drnebula Wrote: I like Freda a lot - it has shown itself to be the best e-reader around.

I've got quite a few books in the program and it would be nice if one could place books into named folders to organize them and thereby find them more easily.  

Is there a way to do this?

Hi Steve,

You can do something very similar by using Freda's tagging feature (see the video at ).  Adding a 'Fiction' tag to some books is really the same as putting them in a folder called 'Fiction'.  (Except that you can always choose to put more than one tag on a book, whereas a book could only be in one folder at a time).  Once you've applied some tags to your books, you can view books grouped by tag, by adjusting the bookshelf view on the main screen - set the screen to 'list', not 'tiles' view, then tap the sort button and select 'sort by tag+title'.

Thanks.  The tags work very well. Thanks for the info.  NOW, what I would like to know is how to delete a tag name after you have created it.  I've ended up with tags like Medical and MEDICAL and end up getting myself confused.  But I can't seem a way to delete one of these tag names.

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