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Problems Saving & Loading
I've been using Freda for quite a while and it is a wonderful ebook program.  I like using it to read on my PC and then open the books with the accompanying highlights on my tablet for book discussions.  But recently I have run in to a lot of problems getting Freda to work when saving or loading using onedrive.  

I just installed Freda on a new laptop using Win 11.  If I try to set up onedrive I get a message saying "We can't connect to the service right now."  So I save and load by going to the onedrive folder manually. But after loading and saving, I get a lot of books that do not download.  

I've tried to set Freda up with multiple onedrive accounts, reinstalling both onedrive and freda on both the PC and Android tablet.  I've gone into the onedrive folders, both on the PC and the online onedrive folders and tried various things, but none of them have worked.  

I will ask a few questions that might help me to figure out what is going on.  What is the file structure that Freda needs in the onedrive folder.  It seems to be freda/save and then sometimes I see freda/save/books and freda/save/thumbnails.  The folder setup that seems to get close is freda/save where there are bookmarks.xml, library.xml setting.xml, and sources.xml.  An then a directory books where the epub files are stored.  But after working nearly perfectly on a load one time, the next time the books do not download.  If I then place the books in the freda/save folder, the books download but I get a lot of other stuff in the book list.  

I have attached a pic of the file structure that has worked the best.  I had to take a mess of files out of the onedrive folder and clean it up to get this. I've also attached a pic of the error message I get inside Freda on the PC that pops up whenever I try to attach to the onedrive folder.

Any help anyone could give to get Freda back in operation would be much appreciated.  It seems odd to me that there is no good app for reading epubs using cross platform Android and PC.  Freda does it superbly when it works along with a nice interface and lots of notes and highlighting tools.  I would certainly be willing to pay to get such a program.

Thanks in advance.


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