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Mobi dll crashing in latest update
Longtime user on a windows tablet...and yes I have seen some very odd advertisements over the years.

At first I was not happy with the V5 update.... but now that I have read why you did it I find it commendable.

After first launch I had to set things up again and I noticed two things:

1). There was an issue after tablet reboot (update) that Freda lost the last page you were on. It did not used to do that, I think someone else has also mentioned that.

2). Page turning has changed... and I often see the page swipe as if it turned, only to find it is still on the same page.

Most recent update was within the last week and a new issue has developed. The DLL for MOBI is crashing during the opening of a Mobi format book, leaving FREDA in an uncertain state. This did not occur in the first update to V5 as I was reading the same mobi encoded book then.

Of course I had a MOBI encoded book open at the time of update, which cause confusion and I tried reinstalling and other remedies. I just converted the book to EPUB (elsewhere) and things work fine.

So the error has a very long name of a DLL (with mobi in it)...that is not recognized as a program (or corrupt). Freda itself does not crash, but becomes unresponsive.

Unfortunately, for me my tablet is Win10 32bit which is the source of the issue. Just thought I would let you know.


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Mobi dll crashing in latest update - by Redmound - 09-14-2023, 05:37 PM

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