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Making the content menu stick
(05-11-2024, 01:26 AM)Marvin42 Wrote: When reading reference books and such I like to have the content menu on the side to easily jump to the place I'm interested in. I'm using the windows store version (5.2) on Windows 11.

I looked at the video guide and it seems that when a book is open and you select the menu to show Contents, clicking on the hamburger menu top left will pop up an option to stick the menu. But whe I click on the menu nothing happens. The button registers I'm clicking on it but no menu pops up. I can click and hold and drag the content menu around, but as soon as I click on the book text the menu goes away. How do i make it stick?

There isn't any option to pin the contents list to the page at the moment.  But I can see it would be a useful thing to provide, so I will add it in a future release of the app.

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Making the content menu stick - by Marvin42 - 05-11-2024, 01:26 AM
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