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HOW TO: Customise Freda (settings, controls and presets)
Ok first freda looks pretty good but I am unsure about some things. Most of the android readers will accept using a different folder to store books or to read what books are saved in which folder and not move or make copies. When I started using freda and showed it where my books are stored, it downloaded (?) the books to freda. So now are the books copied again to a different folder of freda's making or are they still only in the original folder with the books info now in freda? Next if freda makes a new folder how can I move multiple books from the main one folder and in different sub folders to be downloaded. As I could not find the information I did not buy the freda + . I have been using Aldiko Premium for android and was satisfied with it but now I have tablet with windows 10. The last question I tried to download calibra but it seems to be only for win 8.

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RE: HOW TO: Customise Freda (settings, controls and presets) - by Fury Hunter - 08-04-2018, 07:48 PM

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