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(03-13-2018, 08:40 AM)jim_chapman Wrote:
(03-13-2018, 03:08 AM)Mariner Wrote: Does Freda have a dictionary function?

Freda does have a dictionary function, allowing you to look up word definitions, or translate selected text into other languages, or search on-line (Google, Wikipedia, or Bing).

Long-tap/right-click a word; the selection handles will pop up (you can drag them to adjust the selection).  Tap the selection, and choose 'find'.  The 'find' screen will pop up, showing you the option to search through the book to find the text, with other tabs on labelled translate (to translate the text into another language), dictionary (to look up definitions) and internet (to search on line).  Tap 'dictionary' to search for a definition; on that screen there is a drop-down to let you choose which dictionary to use, and a 'find' button to start the lookup.  Freda does not have a built-in dictionary, but you can use the drop-down to choose:
1) the PerfectDictionary app (or any other locally installed app that understands the URL scheme 'define:text=whatever')
2) the AonAware free online dictionary [will only work when you have internet connectivity]
3) ... enter your own custom URL for the dictionary service, using the text {0} to represent the word to search for

If you want to make it quicker to get to the dictionary function, you can do it by customising the 'action on selected text'.  See this post.

Thanks. Your reply is very useful. I couldn't get the Perfect Dictionary to install correctly. I am using W10. Is Perfect compatible with W10?

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