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Mass download from onedrive not downloading ebooks
(08-22-2019, 02:48 PM)ImaGeek Wrote: Is the syncing feature supposed to save reading position along with highlights and bookmarks? I've been using Freda for a few years on my PCs, but only found it for Android yesterday. I set up OneDrive on both ends and enabled web syncing (I have unlimited data and default to WiFi at home). I read for a couple of hours and made a few highlights.

Several hours later I opened that book, from OneDrive on both ends. The book on my PC is at the beginning with no highlights. How is this supposed to work? I did OPEN the book rather than downloading. All OneDrive files are already stored locally on my PC and synced with the OneDrive cloud. Should I have downloaded on both ends before opening?

I did open the book via the OneDrive app on my phone before discovering the sync feature, but I opened it again, with no contents saved from OneDrive within Freda. Could that have something to do with it?

The automatic sync only synchronises your reading position - and it should work, just as long as the book has the same title and author name on both devices.

You can manually sync bookmarks and highlights (and indeed your whole collection of book files) using the 'merge/save/load' feature on the main 'hamburger' menu.  You can learn more about the two types of synchronisation by reading the forum thread at

I hope that helps.

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