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adding sd card
(04-19-2020, 07:13 PM)marcellino_janssen Wrote: Hello,

I have installed freda on my new Samsung Tablet 8. in that tablet I have inserted a sd-card with ebooks on it.
How can I add this sd-card as source to Freda ?


Freda's screen may already show 'storage card' as one of the items in the list of book sources, on the main app screen.  If so, you just need to tap on that source, and you will see a listing of files/folders on the card.  If Freda thinks there is more than one card installed, you'll see a drop-down for choosing which storage card to view.

If there is no 'storage card' source in the list, you can add it.  Scroll over to the 'sources' section of the main app screen, tap the '+' button and select the 'storage card' option; a new storage card source will be added to the list of sources.

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