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Make highlighting more user friendly
I am not sure whether these two features are really missing but if they exist, then I could not find a way to enable them.
So here are the two 2 suggestions I have related to highlighting:

1) Add the possibility to have a default action when selecting text.
Example: If I touch the text then I highlight it without any need to ask for action, if I touch the screen where there is no text then it's another action (i.e. turn page)

2) This could be me not knowing how to use the tool properly but I can rarely highlight the sentence precisely at the first attempt.
Usually it takes me 2 to 3 attempts if I am using a mouse/trackpad and 1 or 2 more if I am using a pen.

Would it be possible to make text selection like other applications i.e wordpad, onenote, bookviser, moon+?
Example: The text is selected on the fly while i am moving the pen or the mouse. No need to reposition "cursors" at the beginning or at the end of the sentence.
Also, in the current implementation the mouse picks the cursor at the lower end which normally goes below the line of the sentence I want to select. This usually leads to the wrong amount of text to be selected (one line more or one line less, one extra word or one word less).

Here is a typical scenario in which you see how those two features would make my user experience much better:
I want to highlight text. I am using a mouse in this scenario.

How it is today:
Right click to bring one the cursors (text selection). Left click to pick one cursor. I move it at the end of the text I want to select. I release it and the wrong amount of text is selected.
This happens because when I reposition the cursor, I end up repositioning it too low or to high and only when i release the mouse button I will find out the real amount of text that was selected. An immediate feedback (i.e. showing the text selected while I am moving the mouse) would help being more precise.
At this point I repeat the exercise: pick the cursor, move it and try to drop it at the right spot and then see whether I managed to select the right amount of text.  If not, then repeat the exercise. If yes, then choose the action "Highlight".

How it would be if the two features will be implemented:
I select the action first (highlight) and that remains selected as default action for when I click/touch on text. Left click and move the mouse, all the text I go through is highlighted on the fly and only when I release the button the highlighting is confirmed and does not keep adjusting according to my mouse movement. It would work the same way with a pen: as long as the pen is touching the screen, then the highlighting would adjust dynamically following the movement of the pen. When i raise the pen (so it does not touch the screen anymore) the highlighting is confirmed.
(04-28-2020, 06:49 PM)swisszurich Wrote: I am not sure whether these two features are really missing but if they exist, then  I could not find a way to enable them.
So here are the two 2 suggestions I have related to highlighting:

The first feature is sort of available - the 'action on selected text' which you can set using the menu button in the ribbon at the top of the screen (see here for more information: )

Regarding the your further thoughts on how Freda selects text - I tend to agree that more work is needed.  The basic difficulty is that Freda's design is still based on a 'touch screen' UI.  So it just treats mouse-clicks the same as touch actions.  I will be doing some work on this - initially, to let mouse tap and mouse drag be treated differently from finger-touch and finger-swipe gestures.  So the mouse drag gesture could be assigned to 'select text' while the finger-swipe gesture would do 'change page' - which is probably in line with what most users would expect.

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