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How do you jump to a specific page number?
This is the best application right now for readers for the Windows operating system available. However, I cannot find how I sometimes jump to specific page number if I want. If this feature is not already a part of the application can it be requested?

Nevermind I found the way thank you
Hi - thanks for the post.  Just in case anyone else has the same question, you do it like this:
1) Tap ... at bottom right of the page; the control ribbons will pop up.
2) On the bottom ribbon, tap on the up-arrrow-in-a-circle button.  The 'go to page' popup will appear; enter the page number you want and tap 'ok'.
If you just want to move through the book quickly, you can do that by dragging the up-arrow-in-a-circle button.

It's also possible to set a custom UI action to open the 'go to page' popup directly.  For example, if (in the controls screen) you tap on the bottom/centre location and set the custom action to 'go to page number' then you'll be able to open that popup by just tapping on the page number that Freda displays at the bottom of the reading page.

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