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Ability to move/completely hide the 'Sources' Column?
(09-23-2019, 07:31 PM)AlexS Wrote:
(05-12-2019, 08:30 PM)jim_chapman Wrote: It is not possible at the moment, though it is a feature that I am considering adding.

Any progress on issue above?
That is really annoying....


I have been looking into it - and it's rather complicated to achieve, unfortunately.  The problem is that Freda needs to work well on all possible screen sizes and orientations (on Windows, and on Android).  There is a lot of intricate logic that makes sure the tabbed sections of the main pivot view all have the correct dimensions and that, if one section gets stretched to fill any empty width, the program expands the correct visual elements (i.e. doesn't just leave empty space).  It took some thought to get the current UI setup working, and then a lot of testing (and I had to involve volunteer beta-testers to try it out on many different device sizes and shapes, because I do not have a set of test devices to cover all possibilities).

I do see the need for the feature (some users simply do not have any use for the 'sources' list, and for them it is simply a waste of screen space).  But I did not see a quick simple code change that would enable you to turn it off.  That means a complex code change, and a bunch of testing.  The next Freda release must come before December (that's necessary because of a breaking change that is going to happen in the Android in-app-purchase service), and I am not yet certain whether time will permit including the 'hide sources' feature in the December release.

Sorry for the long, involved answer - I felt I owed you a proper explanation.

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