Turnipsoft Limited

A limited company registered in England and Wales: 7227430
Registered office: 29 Fentiman Road, London SW8 1LD

Privacy Policy

Turnipsoft does not collect or store any information about your usage of this application. But please be aware that the app can be used to connect to on-line services (such as SkyDrive and online book catalogs). When you connect to these services, the app will transmit some information over the internet; at a minimum this will include your IP address. This information could be used to identify you; to understand the implications of your IP address being used for internet access, please refer to the Wikipedia article on 'internet privacy'. Additionally, if you provide login details (for instance, a user name) for an on-line book catalog, the app will use these details when accessing that catalog. Turnipsoft has no control over the way that your personal information might subsequently be used by the providers of the book catalog; if concerned, you should refer to the provider's privacy policy

Jim Chapman

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