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Change Log v4.39 - jim_chapman - 06-05-2021

  • Refactored the application, to make a better separation between ViewModel and Model code, and introduce the use of the¬†Command pattern.
  • Fixed dictionary search using Lexico, which had been broken by changes to the lexico web-site.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed a problem where empty tags (such as image tags) would break the processing of chapters in FB2 books, meaning that the chapters got truncated.
  • (Android) Fixed a performance issue with the recolouring of large images.
  • (Android): BUG FIX: Corrected a problem which was preventing the selection of certain code pages (such as Cyrillic)
  • (Android) Applied the new 'scoped storage restrictions' in Android, by removing the storage card book source, and the ability to save/restore backups in local folders.¬† To open book files stored locally on an Android device, you now need to use a 'file picker' popup.