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HIGHLIGHTING - theguardian - 11-08-2018

I having difficulty trying to highlight text?  Anyone know the procedure?

RE: HIGHLIGHTING - jim_chapman - 11-09-2018

(11-08-2018, 06:25 PM)theguardian Wrote: I having difficulty trying to highlight text?  Anyone know the procedure?

There are various ways to customise the way that Freda selects text and does things to it (see this video: http://www.turnipsoft.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1713 ) but with the default setup, text highlighting works like this:
1) While reading text, right-click or long-tap (hold) on some text.
2) The text will appear 'selected' with handle symbols to the left and right of it.
3) By dragging (finger on the screen, or mouse with left button pressed), you can move the handles, to select more text.
4) When you have selected the text you want, tap on the selected area; a menu will pop up.
5) On the menu, tap the 'highlight' item to apply a highlight to the text (or right-click or long-tap (hold) the menu item to choose a new colour for the highlight).
6) The text is now highlighted.

You can change Freda's behaviour so that, every time you drag your finger across some text, it will be highlighted immediately.  The video (link above) shows how to change the way text is selected, and how to change the 'action on selected text' option, which can achieve this.

RE: HIGHLIGHTING - gerarddea - 02-18-2019

Désolé, mais cela ne fonctionne pas

RE: HIGHLIGHTING - jim_chapman - 02-18-2019

Qu'est-ce que qui se passe?  Vous pouvez me contacter sur jim@turnipsoft.co.uk avec plus d'info, si vous voulez.