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(10-29-2019, 09:26 PM)kirk goshert Wrote: I downloaded freda but cannot figure out how to do basic actions such as finding a books contents and going to the chapter/section I want. Why don't the icons on   freda's page let me know their function when I point to them? I am not interested in the seemingly endless changes available when clicking on the three dots at the lower right. Help, please.

For some hints on using Freda, you can check out the FAQ (which includes links to a manual and an intro video).  That is here:

Regarding the icon buttons that don't show any mouse-over text - that is a fair criticism!  My only excuse is that Freda started out as as an app for phones (and later on tablets), and because those platforms don't use a mouse, mouse-over text was not relevant.  But now I have an increasing number of people using the app with mouse and keyboard, so I will be adding mouse-over text.  Actually, the main delay with that consists of getting it translated into multiple languages.

As for the specific functions you mentioned: to view the book's contents, tap ... then the 'contents' button (it's towards the lower right).  Then tap on one of the items in the list, to go to that chapter/section.  You can alternatively 'go to' any point in the book by tapping ... and then dragging the arrow along the navigation strip at the bottom of the page (or tapping on that arrow will pop up a dialog window in which you can specify a page number to go to).

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