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Questions about syncing + accessibility question
I've started using freda yesterday and have just activated the "synch using the internet" option in the Settings. So, I now have a /freda/save and a /freda/sync folder in my OneDrive. Neat.

Within the "save" folder, I have a "books" folder which, I suppose, serves as a book repository to sync books between all devices? 

I have three questions: 

1/ Will freda automatically add books in this folder when I open it on a another device? Or do I need to use the sync/merge button menu?
2/ Are the books I imported in freda before activating the sync option supposed to appear there too, or do I need to reimport them? So far they, do not sync at all. 
3/ Aren't bookmarks/note/page reads supposed to sync between devices for each synced book? I've only tested with one book so far (it's saved in the freda/save/books folder, I right-clicked it to open it with freda), but there is no syncing going on between my two devices. 

That said, I've a really terrible eyesight and would not be surprised if you told me I missed some setting or did something wrong Wink

Talking about eyesight and accessibility: the background image in the home screen makes it hard for me to see the book covers and read the text. Is there a way to turn it off and/or is there a way to make the covers/text bigger?

Thx (and thx for the app)

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Questions about syncing + accessibility question - by DavidB - 12-26-2019, 10:17 AM

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