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Questions about syncing + accessibility question
Hi David,

The "synch using the internet" option will only synchronise your latest-read position between devices, for books that you have opened recently. It will do that automatically, whenever the app is running, but it won't synchronise anything else (bookmarks, highlights, books, settings).

Those other things can be synchronised manually, using the 'backup (merge/load/save)' button menu. There is a bit more information about that here:

As for the main screen background image, you can alter that using the 'ui theme' setting. Tap on that item in the settings list, then (in the setting popup window) adjust the colour transparency for the background colour - set the rightmost (alpha) slider to 255, and you will now have a solid dark green background. That might be more readable for you.

Concerning accessibility generally, this is something I am specifically working on, aiming to make Freda more easily usable for people with poor eyesight, and other specific accessibility needs. So I would be glad to get your feedback regarding any other possible areas for improvement.


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