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Questions about syncing + accessibility question
Thx for the explanations. It makes sense, now.

And thx for background image solution. It's now much more readable for me.

Any plan to let us change the covers size, too?

(12-26-2019, 11:23 AM)jim_chapman Wrote: Concerning accessibility generally, this is something I am specifically working on, aiming to make Freda more easily usable for people with poor eyesight, and other specific accessibility needs.  So I would be glad to get your feedback regarding any other possible areas for improvement.

That's great to know, thx for considering this!

Of course, I can only talk about low vision, and only about my specific needs, but I'll gladly help if I can.

You already provide some great stuff, btw.

One of them is the ability to import/export our settings. Tweaking an app is a long process when you can't see that well, so being able to easily reapply all settings on a new machine or after a clean install is great, and it's reassuring.

Another neat thing is the "Presets" list, and the so many settings one can save in each. It's something I'm still experimenting with, but I intend to use it to quickly change the book layout (font, size, font family, colors, and so on) depending how good is my eyesight at any given time of the day. And it can vary quite drasticaly.

What would make Presets even better would be the ability to reorder their list, putting the most useful first. Or even better yet, have a keyboard shortcut associated with the most used. Could that be an option? Or is it already?

Also, using simpler names for some settings would help. I mean, thx a lot for explaining me how to remove the background image: it helps a lot. But that's something I probably would not have figured out by myself. Have you considered naming this option 'Customise the app color and background", instead of "ui theme"? And maybe have a checkbox next to a "Display background image" option?

Also, would it be possible to let the user change the app UI font-size, without having to change Windows settings?

Regarding colors: sliders can be difficult to use. Have you considered using the color picker instead?

There are other stuff that I'd gladly discuss with you, but be assured that considering any one of these would already make a huge difference Wink

If you're interested and if you ever need a beta tester, feel free to contact me: I've been doing it for a long time, mostly on Mac and then iOS but since I'm also using Windows a lot now, I'ld be happy to help.

Thanks again.

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