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Can't import library
Hi Jim
With a bit more testing, I found the Android version did not have the same issue with errors, even with hundreds of books it did not skip a beat.

I also discovered the OneDrive connection issue applies (on either Windows or Android device) to my 'work or school account', but not to my 'personal account' - possibly the security is different?

This suggests a workaround might be to use the Android version to process a folder of books, sync to OneDrive personal account, then synchronise from OneDrive personal account to Freda on Windows.

Currently uploading to OneDrive from completed Android version library - which will take several hours by the look of it.  Will try syncing from there to PC in the morning and report results here.

A downside with using the Android version to set up library in first instance is that the Freda 'select folder' dialog  does not see the removable SD card (even though other apps in Android do see it) - so this process will be constrained by the available free space remaining on the built in memory (which is unfortunate, since this is what typically fills up first) .

** Update ** - Confirming the above strategy worked - even though Freda has a problem with importing books from a local folder under windows , it seems able to synchronise in hundreds of books from OneDrive with no problem.

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