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Problem connecting PC to OneDrive / Synching

Liking what I'm seeing in Freda so far

I have installed Freda on a PC (Windows 8.1 from the MS Store) and an Android Phone (running version 8.1.0 from the Play Store)
I have linked the Android phone to OneDrive, but When I tried on the PC, I was interrupted in the process, and failed to etner my credentials.
Under Sources - OneDrive  I now have the message "Sorry, I couldn't download from OneDrive. ..."
I right click on the box this message is in, and on the bottom of the screen the options to "Edit", "Logon" and "Undo"
When I click on Logon, nothing happens? What am I missing?

I have opened the Folders Source, and my OneDrive is also available on my PC under under that so I can add the books I have on my phone from there, but they do not appear to be synching with the places I have read to on my phone. I presume that the updating of where I have read to only works through the OneDrive Source?

I have both reset the application, and removed and re-installed it. To no avail.  Sad

Please advise  Smile


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Problem connecting PC to OneDrive / Synching - by Mike K - 05-24-2020, 11:45 AM

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