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Text to speech feature not working
(03-15-2021, 12:20 PM)ArchPrime Wrote: Not a critical feature for me, but I note the text to speech reading mode does nothing, other than generate a momentary flicker on screen.

This is on Windows 10

Hi, which reading mode are you using?  All of them (read aloud, speedread, and autoscroll) seem to be working OK on my test device here.  If text-to-speech (read aloud) is not working for you, is it failing on every book, or just one one particular book?

If it's one particular book that is causing the problem, please email the book to me.  Or if it's failing with every book you try, please can you email me a copy of Freda's log file (

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Text to speech feature not working - by ArchPrime - 03-15-2021, 12:20 PM
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