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Bookshelf Not Enough Columns
(02-06-2022, 09:49 AM)MattyBoySwag Wrote: Hello, at the opening screen of Freda, my Freda's bookshelf displays 3 columns of books. I would like it to display more than just these 3, so I can see more of the current books I have, on the same screen. Are there any ways to do so? Thank you again!

Unfortunately not - the program doesn't let you adjust the amount of screen space allocated to the bookshelf (though this is a feature that I plan to add in the new version of the app - which is still some months away).

You can try adjusting (using the toolbar in the bookshelf list) to the 'list' view rather than the 'tiles' view.  That might, depending on your screen size, allow you to see more books at a time.

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