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Bookmarks In Books Lost
(03-03-2022, 09:21 PM)MattyBoySwag Wrote: I had a few hundred bookmarks in some of my books and I checked them recently and they are gone, is there a way to retrieve them? I heard this happened to so other people recently as well, well just one person, so perhaps it was an update. Thank you

Bookmarks vanishing certainly is not an intended effect of any update to the app, so it must be a glitch of some kind.  If you could send me Freda's log file (see here: ) I may be able to figure out what has happened.  But to be honest, if the bookmarks aren't showing up now, its most likely that they are permanently gone.  Sorry.

If you've got bookmarks (or any other data that's precious to you) in Freda, I would always recommend keeping a backup of it, using the app's 'backup' feature on the main menu.

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