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How Does One Delete Tag Names
(07-06-2022, 03:20 AM)drnebula Wrote: The tags work very well. NOW, what I would like to know is how to delete a tag name after you have created it.  I've ended up with tags like Medical and MEDICAL and end up getting myself confused.  But I can't seem a way to delete one of these tag names.
To remove a tag from a book, (1) tab the 'tags' button on the book menu (2) in the popup window, click the [x] next to the name of the tag that you want to remove from the book.
Right now, Freda doesn't offer a quick way to add, delete or change tags for multiple books in one go, so unfortunately if you want to remove a tag from many books, you'll have to do it one book at a time.  This is something I will be looking at fixing in a future version of the app.

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