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Hyphenation CSS
(08-06-2022, 10:07 AM)jim_chapman Wrote: Unfortunately, right now Freda doesn't understand the 'hyphens' keywords in CSS; it's an enhancement that I may be able to add to the program in the future.  One enhancement that I do intend to add in the next Freda release is an improved hyphenation algorithm, so at least the hyphenation will be done better (it's very poor at the moment, I know).

For your own personal use of Freda, you can instruct the program not to hyphenate using the settings screen (by setting 'hyphenation' = 'no').
Thank you for this response! I have indeed used the settings not to hyphenate, but that of course only enhances my own reading experience and not that of other people reading the e-book. I'll just tell them to use this setting for now.

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