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Screen Size on Microsoft Surface
(09-03-2022, 03:42 PM)ffkarle Wrote:  I'm new to Freda+ and cannot figure how to get Freda+ to display a book beyond the microscopic size it's appearing in on my Surface 3 Pro. My 60+ year old eyes can't read anything as small as what I'm seeing. Any assistance you can give me would be appreciated.


For most book types (EPUB, MOBI, FB2, TXT) you can set the text size by using Freda's settings screen (from the reading page, tap the ... at bottom right, tap the 'cog wheel' button in the top menu ribbon, adjust the 'font size' setting, then tap the 'ok' button at the bottom of the settings page).  For some books (where the book file itself specifies a particular font size), you may need to tell Freda that it has to ignore the font size provided by the book (in the settings screen, scroll right to the bottom and set 'book style overrides Freda font selection' to 'no').

It may be, however, that you're looking at a PDF book type.  In that case, the situation is different, because Freda can't control the text size of PDF documents. (Technically this is because PDF is a non-reflowable format, and the page contents are fixed by the document).  You may be able to improve the readability of the document by telling Freda to ignore the margins around the PDF content though (in the settings screen set 'trim margins of PDF documents' to 'yes').  That will make the text bigger, because less space is taken up by the margin that the PDF document included.

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