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Export Highlights as Plain Text
(10-24-2022, 11:12 PM)jbhjbhjbh Wrote: Hi,

I'm wondering if there is any way to export highlights as plain text? I can only seem to export it as a table with formatting. 

I export of my book notes to edit them later and that's almost impossible to do with a lot of notes in the current format it's exported as. Would be very helpful if there was a way to do this.

Many thanks


The difficulty with exporting bookmarks as plain text is that I'd need to define some way to show what part of the exported text was (1) the bookmarked word (2) the annotation text that you'd applied.  (and actually the chapter/word references are sometimes a useful thing to provide too). To do that properly I'd have to build some sort of 'file export wizard' system that lets you specify all these things, so you could get the export in the format you want - and that would be a complex and not very useful piece of work (compared to all the other features I might spend time on).

That's why I've made the 'save bookmark' feature just save its content as an HTML table.   You've got various options then for working on the content of the HTML file, for instance:
  • Import it into Excel
  • Open it in Word
  • Open it in Chrome or Edge, select-and-copy the table and then paste it into Google Docs, Sheets, Word or Excel

I'd think that one of those should work for you.  But if I'm missing something please do post again, or email (

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