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HOW TO: Customise Freda (settings, controls and presets)
Freda's appearance and behaviour can be customised in many ways.  You can access:
Settings: To change the colour and layout of text on the page, and also to change the colour scheme and background image on the main Freda screen.

Controls: To assign custom gestures (such as the effect of tapping the various corners of the page).

Presets: To apply a 'preset', which is to say a named group of settings, all applied in one go.  You can add, delete and change presets, to suit  your personal tastes.

For details of how to do all these things, refer to this demo video.

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HOW TO: Customise Freda (settings, controls and presets) - by jim_chapman - 11-25-2017, 06:55 PM

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