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Book incorrectly seen as 1 page long
(03-19-2018, 06:11 PM)jim_chapman Wrote: The obvious cause for this kind of problem is that the book is DRM-protected.  Are you sure that it's not DRM-locked?  Though the observation that you can open it in Calibre Viewer suggests it's not DRM-protected (because getting Calibre to open DRM-protected books takes some quite complex setup work).

Otherwise, you could try generating and emailing a log file - that might help me figure out what the problem is.  Instructions are here.

It's definitely not DRMed.  Since my original post, I've also opened it in Moon+ Reader on an Android device and failed to open the same copy in Freda for Android.

Looking at the contents in Calibre's editor, I don't see anything obviously wrong with it, but hopefully the log file I mailed will have a clue.

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