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Send ebook?
(06-07-2018, 08:17 AM)jim_chapman  Thank you SO MUCH for your excellent reply!!! I have NO electronic skills at all, but I was able to follow your instructions and I have successfully sent the book to my kindle! I just downloaded Freda after joining an online book club and am still learning how to work it. You are correct that it is much easier to read a book with Freda, rather than with my old kindle. However, I can easily carry my kindle with me and be able to read wherever I am. Thanks again. I REALLY appreciate your help!!!Janice Wrote:
(06-06-2018, 04:29 PM)ladyexec8 Wrote: Hi!
Is it possible to send an ebook from Freda to my kindle? If so, how?

You can do this:
1) Open the book in Freda
2) Return to the Freda main screen and check that the book is at the top of the bookshelf list
3) From the 'hamburger' menu, pick the merge/save/load option
4) Open the 'save' tab
5) Select the options: save = 'book files', to = 'choose folder', for = 'only current book'  Then tap 'save'.
6) You will be prompted to select a folder, and once you have done that, Freda will save the book file to that folder.
7) Now open your usual email program, compose an email attaching the file saved at (7).  Send the email to your Kindle's email address (see Amazon's instructions here: )

Depending on the book format, and your Kindle model, you may have a problem with the book format (the Kindle may not be able to handle EPUB or FB2 books).  You can use various third party tools to convert books from one format to another.  Calibre ( is the best of these - but once you're using Calibre to convert books for you, probably you'll want to use it to store and manage your whole library; it is a better library-management tool than Freda, though Freda is still better, IMO, for actually reading the books.

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