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(06-26-2018, 08:59 AM)marius5021 Wrote: hello,yesterday I was reading a book in  pdf fordmat and today i cant even find the book
can I downgrade ?

Unfortunately I had to remove PDF support from Freda.  It was only ever provided on an 'experimental' basis (I never advertised it, because I was not confident it would work).  The outcome of that experiment was that the PDF support added significant bloat to the app, and made it somewhat less stable.  And Freda did not do a particularly good job of deciphering the content of the PDF file either (words broken up, headings in the wrong places, images out of sequence, ... ).  If I had been ready to spend thousands of dollars on a commercial license for a third party PDF-decoder component, it might have been possible to get a better result, but Freda does not generate enough revenue to cover that kind of expense.

PDF books are a very different kind of thing from EPUB/MOBI/FB2 books, and maybe it's not too surprising that I did not manage to get Freda to do a satisfactory job of reading them.

As an alternative, I would suggest you convert your PDF file to EPUB format, and then read the EPUB on Freda.  The best tool for doing that conversion is Calibre (see here).

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