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Connection Freda+/Calibre KO
(12-29-2018, 02:28 PM)tekkk Wrote: Good morning,
i have problem to connect Freda to Calibre. I have followed the support guide :, but the problem persist.
I think , because at the calibre server address, there is not a list of my books, but only a "presentation" page with a button labeled "my calibre library name".  Exclamation
Only when i press the button the next page contain my books list. 
I have installed calibre 3.36.0

Is there a solution? Huh
Hi, I am using the same version of Calibre as you are, and I can confirm that I see the same presentation page as you do (that is in step 7 of the instructions in the guide).

But Calibre is working OK to access from another device on the network.

What are you seeing when you do step 8 (where you add 'opds' to the URL that you are using, so that you now connect to the same book catalog content that Freda will look for)?

You can answer here in the forum, or if you prefer, by email to

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