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Run Freda on Win 7 (x64) OS
Is there a simple way to run Freda on my current Win 7 HP system?

I did some quick searching, and apparently I could set up a dual boot system....but that seems pretty complex, and would most likely result in a number of other obstacles.

I currently use Moon+ as my Android reader; very happy with the ability to extract my annotations from various ebook formats and send to Evernote (for further note taking).

I'm trying to replicate that on my desktop; reading an EPub (or other format), making annotations, and then sending to Evernote.

I can get something like that to work with PDF's (using Foxit), and am trying to replicate for ebooks. Freda got high marks.

Thanks in advance


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Run Freda on Win 7 (x64) OS - by gandoe - 01-04-2019, 06:25 PM
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