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(01-14-2022, 06:22 AM)MattyBoySwag Wrote: I have a question, whenever I download a new epub file, it automatically opens Freda, sometimes this is inconvenient for me. Is there a setting that I can press to disable auto-open of Freda? Thank you.

Two things to try: in Windows Explorer, right-click on an EPUB file, choose 'Open with ...' from the menu, and pick an app other than Freda (or no app at all).
Or alternatively, in your web browser, find the setting controlling download behaviour, and adjust it accordingly (in Chrome, you do it by by clicking on the upward-pointing chevron next to the download file name in the bar of the bottom of the page, and on the menu that pops up, ensuring that the 'always open files of this type' item does not have a check mark next to it).

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