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How du I change the Freda website language?
Thank you
(05-04-2020, 07:40 AM)jim_chapman Wrote:
(05-02-2020, 04:22 PM)SveinB Wrote: Hi

I downloaded Freda today from the Windows Shop to my Windows 10 Desktop. The language on the website was Spanish, a language I do not understand, and I need to find the place where I can change it.

Choose the settings (ajustes) menu item, and in the settings page, look for the ui language setting (idioma de la interfaz de usuario).  Change that to a language that works better for you.

As for why Freda has decided to display in Spanish - I do not know that.  Normally, the app will automatically choose whatever language is set up as the default for your PC.

Thank you. The default language on my PC was Norwegian, and the second on the default list was spanish.

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