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HOW TO: Troubleshoot Problems with Store (such as 'advertising is not removed')
When you tap on the 'premium features' button, you will be taken to the Microsoft Store to make a payment.  After that, Freda will enable the premium features.  It can happen that the premium features are not enabled, or that they are enabled, but it then stop working some time in the future.  That can happen particularly after re-installing Freda.  This is the result of something going wrong with the Microsoft Store - it forgets that you've paid for the 'Freda: premium features' item, or else it fails to tell Freda that you have paid for it.

To get the Microsoft Store working right again, you can try the following things:
  • Check that you're logged on to your computer using the same Microsoft ID (email address) as you used when you made the payment.
  • Check that the PC's time and time-zone are set correctly
  • Run the Microsoft Store troubleshooter (just type 'troubleshoot store' into the type-to-search box in the start menu)
  • If none of these work, try the suggestions at

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