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Book format settings
(11-28-2020, 02:45 AM)Tdublyou Wrote: In the last release of Freda for PC, a change occurred to the way book format settings are maintained. They are now not retained for each book, but are now applied to all the books in your library. So if you make a change to the format settings for one book, and then open another book, the settings you had previously made to the latter are overridden by the new format settings you set for the other (original) book. If you read more than one book at a time, or frequently reference multiple books, this change to the settings logic is wholely untenable.

I don't think that's exactly what's going on.  Freda's settings are normally permanent - that is to say, when you change a setting, that change is kept indefinitely, until you change it - by using the settings page, or by applying a preset that provides a new value for that setting.

What changed in the last release was that I added a new 'special settings to apply just for this book' preset (you'll find it at the bottom of the list on the presets screen).  If you create this preset for a particular book, then every time in the future when you open that book, the values in that special preset will get loaded.  You can create such a preset for every book (but you don't have to).

So if you want to use specific settings for a book, you do that by opening the book, applying the settings you like to use for that book, then opening the presets screen, clicking on the button 'add settings to apply just for this book', choosing the settings you want to save, then tapping OK.  Now whenever you open the book, these settings will be applied.

Whenever you open a book that hasn't got a special preset defined, Freda will not load any special settings.  That might not be what you want - and in that case you can change the settings in the usual way by accessing the settings screen, or the presets list.  I find it useful to have one preset 'epub' which I use whenever I'm reading an epub book, and another setting 'txt' that I use for TXT format - and I just tap on the relevant preset before opening the book.  (I did think of automating this behaviour, but really, it is too complicated).

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