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Book format settings
(11-28-2020, 10:32 AM)Tdublyou Wrote: The way you have done this is entirely user-unuseable. The option to apply the settings to just "this" book is way at the end of a long chain, which no user is going to find on his own, and then you require the user to check off each setting to apply, rather than "all changes made".

'all changes made' since when?  Since the app was first installed?  Or since it was last launched?  Or since you last opened a book?  Or since you last changed some settings? Any of these choices is likely to be wrong some of the time, and to lead to confusion and frustration.  To avoid confusion, it's better that, when saving a preset, Freda asks the user what should be saved in it.

I'm always happy to receive suggestions about how to improve the user experience, but it's better if you think through the consequences and details of what you are asking for (and phrasing suggestions in the form of insults is never a great way to persuade people of your point of view).

Also, I do assume that my users know how to work a scroll-view - so I'm not sure why putting a UI element at the end of a list would be a problem.  Freda is a tool for the more sophisticated user - if you want a simplistic tool with minimal options for customisation, you can always use the Kindle reader, ADE, the Kobo app, or the Calibre ebook reader.  I don't mean to sound unduly snarky, but Freda is, by design, quite a complex tool, and complex tools will tend to have elaborate user interfaces, with a lot of options hidden away in them.

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