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BUG - Not Turning Page Reading Aloud
Hi Jim,

I have what I think is a bug to report. Recently, I've been noticing instances where Freda does not turn the page while it's reading aloud. It doesn't happen all of the time, and there are times even when it does it once, and then I go back and tell it to do it again and it works just fine. I haven't noticed any "page turning weirdness" in any other context.

This didn't used to happen. I'm not sure if it started on the last update or maybe the one before it, but it's more than a "glitch"-- there's something happening.

The out-loud reading doesn't stop, and it's reading the correct text on the correct page, it just doesn't turn the page to let me see it / follow along.

Thank you for a terrific program!


BTW-- I would still love to have Amazon Polly support-- Hint Hint !!! They've also introduced a new set of Windows SAPI drivers, which now come in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions (before it was only 64-bit). But, alas, Freda still isn't picking up the voices.

You would make me *EXCEEDINGLY HAPPY* if you could somehow add Amazon Polly support into Freda.

(And I understand full-well that I would have to supply my own keys. BTW-- I've been playing around with it in python and built a "chunker" that does a pretty good job of breaking up texts and sending it out and back in small enough "chunks" that starting / stopping audio playback isn't a huge problem. You'd probably want to buffer up a little, but for testing I was using one thread, one audio file, and small [approx] one-sentence length chunks and getting along just fine)
Thank you for reporting the issue.  I'm looking into it.

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