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HOW TO: Use the Ribbon Menus and Navigation Controls
On the book reader screen, you can open the ribbon menus by pressing the ... control at bottom right.

There are four ribbon menus, from top to bottom:
  • Control Buttons
  • Book Information
  • Presets
  • Navigation

Each ribbon menu can be open, closed or pinned.  An open menu is visible when you press the ... control; a closed menu appears as a narrow bar with a ... label, and a pinned menu is visible on the reader page at all times.  There are buttons on each ribbon that you can use to switch between these three states.

If you pin the navigation ribbon, it offers a convenient way to navigate around the book, by:
  • Dragging the 'current position' cursor
  • Tapping the 'current position' cursor, to enter a new page number
  • Tapping the 'back' indicator to return to the place you just came from in the book
  • Tapping  a bookmark indicator

All these features are demonstrated in this video.

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