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Text-to-speech is in the wrong language
Freda can read out text, using any language pack (voice) that is installed on your device.  But it can happen that the text is read in the wrong language.  The fix to this is to adjust the 'language' of the book.  In detail:

PROBLEM: My book is in German, but Freda reads it using an English voice; it sounds like an English person trying to pronounce German.
SOLUTION: In the bookshelf, right-click (or long-tap) the book, and when the menu pops up, select Edit.  Find the 'Language' field on the screen, and enter the two-letter language code for the appropriate language - in this case DE . Tap 'ok' to save this change, and Freda will now realise that the book is in German, and will read it using a German voice.

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Text-to-speech is in the wrong language - by jim_chapman - 11-27-2017, 06:32 PM

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