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How to view all Highlights
(08-22-2019, 03:05 PM)ImaGeek Wrote: Good to know that only bookmarks can be listed and saved as a list. Nearly all other reader apps I've used (that would be nearly everything that's been available for PC and Android over the last five years) list both highlights and bookmarks, and if annotations (aka notes) are supported, those are separately listed as well. One or two others allow exporting those lists, but that's rare. I read many books for research, so an app without the export feature is toast within minutes.

Any chance you can expand this listing capability? I generally stick to highlighting, but can definitely adapt. It's just not intuitively obvious to new users with wide experience.

I added the capability a while back.  To save a table of all highlights into a readable file, tap on any highlight then choose the 'save' option, and specify a file name.

To save a table of all bookmarks, tap on any bookmark (or else tap ... at bottom right and tap the 'bookmarks' item in the lower ribbon menu).  A list of all bookmarks (plus any associated annotations) will pop out.  Tap the 'save' button to save them to a file.

I think that will do what you need, but if you're looking for something else, please email.

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