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Run Freda on Win 7 (x64) OS
(01-04-2019, 06:25 PM)gandoe Wrote: Is there a simple way to run Freda on my current Win 7 HP system?

I did some quick searching, and apparently I could set up a dual boot system....but that seems pretty complex, and would most likely result in a number of other obstacles.

I currently use Moon+ as my Android reader; very happy with the ability to extract my annotations from various ebook formats and send to Evernote (for further note taking).

I'm trying to replicate that on my desktop; reading an EPub (or other format), making annotations, and then sending to Evernote.

I can get something like that to work with PDF's (using Foxit), and am trying to replicate for ebooks. Freda got high marks.

Thanks in advance

Hi Ed,

Because Freda is a Windows Universal App, it can't run on Windows 7.  There is no easy way to get round that, unfortunately.

You could consider installing BlueStacks on your Windows 7 PC.  That would allow you to run Android apps on it (so you could use Moon+, or indeed Freda, which is also available on Android).  I can't guarantee that this will be a smooth, simple exercise, however.

By the way, for extracting your notes to a file with Freda, you just tap the … symbol at the bottom right of the reader page, then when the control ribbons pop up, look for the bookmarks button at the left side of the bottom ribbon.  Tap that, and you will see a table of all the bookmarks (and the note text you've added to each bookmark); at the bottom is a 'save' button that will save them as an HTML file.

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